An Update of Love

We got more copies of "Get Down Glory", and have now run out of "Open Spaces", which is the new meditation cd. More of those on the way too! We had some troubles with the on-line store, but hope to get that resolved soon. 

This has already been such an amazing year, and we aren't even half way through yet! Charleston, Greenville, Charlotte, and of course the wonderful folks here in Savannah, ... you all make life worth living! I will be in Savannah for the summer save for a trip to Orlando in August, and then hope to travel a lot this Fall, bringing the SPIRIT blues and meditation with me to a town near you. 

We are posting my entire schedule here, including meditation sessions, so I will do my best to keep it up to date and correct. Can't wait to see you out there somewhere! 

For those of you interested in my workshop "From Busy Mind to Meditation", please visit SPIRIT.


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