He’s a blues player, with a steely sense of finger–picking acoustic guitar attitude and guttural bottleneck slide, and he sings in a deep Southern voice that sounds as if he’s lived every moment of every one of his songs.

Georgia Kyle plays exclusively for all of our programs held at Fort Jackson and the Railroad Roundhouse Museum as well as other venues and private homes throughout the area. Our clients and attendees love his music often requesting multiple encores. It is great when you have a group that does not want to leave an event because they are enjoying the music! Ann Howell and Kristin Detwiler Cobblestone Connections, Inc.
"I LOVE the way you interact with the audience!"
"the well traveled Shiver, with his experience as a street and subway performer, carries the aura of modern troubadour in the vein of a Woody Guthrie".
"listening to Kyle's music is like having a long overdue conversation with a long lost friend. It feels r-e-a-l comfortable"
"Shiver is a seasoned writer and a welcome addition to Savannah's talent pool"
“Throw out your shoes and keep enjoying and / or singing”. That seems to be the motivation for Georgia Kyle to go on the road, alone or with his band. And that is also the mood he wants to let us hear on his live album. Just step into a bar with the guitar and play… What you hear is what you get… good, wrong, false.. just how the evening was. Because, as Georgia says, the real music gets lost in the mixing most of the times. So, if you like to sit on your balcony or sit in your garden with a beer or a glass of wine and like some easy listening music in the style of Neil Young or Bob Dylan.. than you must listen to Georgia Kyle. There are 17 tracks on this live album and all of them are about everyday things in life. Listen to “Livin’the Life” or “Monday Morning Blues”. Georgia ‘s voice sounds warm and full of feelings at the right moments, and agressive where it fits. A good example of that is the song “Long Black Veil”. The guitarplaying is sober, but effective. One of my favourite songs “Little Mill Village” is a little faster and shows that Georgia can get along pretty well with the bleusharp. I always admired musicians that go on stage or go to a club and give a good vibe to the audience. Georgia Kyles is that kind of a person You can hear that in the music, but you can certainly notice that by the audience. In other words: this is a wonderful singer/songwriter album. Blueswalker.
"Kyle is one of the few who could, but never would, call himself the real deal".
"Kyle is a big guy with a very large soul, and he doesn't write little songs"
"Shiver makes music that is the equivalent of walking through the combat zone with Townes Van Zandt and Chris Whitley, and what could be better than that?"

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